Amy Sung is a writer, potter, and macramé artist based on Vashon Island/Seattle. After 10 years of living in Brooklyn, N.Y., she’s returned to her native Pacific Northwest and now lives on an island with a land mass about the size of Manhattan, but with only about a tenth of the population. Here she finds inspiration in the serene nature around her and the creative energy of her friends.

The concept, existence, and aesthetic of abstract lines and shapes in nature fascinates Amy. She enjoys combining abstract and natural/organic elements in functional pieces to delight the everyday, hoping to make the sometimes-mundane acts of the day-to-day pleasurable and stimulating, interesting and satisfying. Sizes and shapes also interest her - the way in which some sizes tend to be more versatile in their function, while others end up being abandoned and unused...and how the piece then needs to take on a meaning of its own in order to treasured.

All pieces on this site are made by hand and are one-of-a-kind.

Follow her on Instagram @amy_sung.

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